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Kreative Starz Play School and Nursery, Mahim - Playgroups in Mumbai | Kreative Starz Kreative Starz Play School and Nursery, Mahim - Playgroups in Mumbai
Activities that are conductes :
- festival celebration
- Sports Day
- Colour Days
Teacher Traning program
-Phonic Teacher traning
-Handwriting course
Our center provides many educational activities to keep your kids engaged. They learn while playing.

A Few Words About Kreative Starz 

play school

  • At Kreative Starz, We provide an excellent start to your child’s education .We have advanced Teaching methods to provide conceptual learning for our children . Our School Activities are conducted with the aim of honing skills of our children which includes art, music, developing pre-writing and reading skills. Our guidance helps children to explore the world around them and develop their fine and gross motor skills. We conduct after school activities too for the over all development of children .

More About Us

Kreativestarz playschool

Kreative starz nursery playschool

Our parent teacher meetings

Our center provides the following services

Teacher training program


Phonic teacher training 

Handwriting course

Education Services

Education Service  leads to creative thinking and practical action.

Toys and Games (play school nursery rhymes)

Toys and games can help children to develop practical skills such as fine motor skills and critical thinking skills

Child Care

The best way to make children good is to make them happy.

Love and Care

Kreative starz provides children with special needs skills for a better start in life.

Physical Activity

To help children develop habits that will last a lifetime, an active, healthy lifestyle must start early in life. 

Why Kreative Starz ??

We appreciate you trusting us with your child and are committed to making the first transition away from home easy and natural for you and your child. We develop well- rounded children through our core focus area:

  • Communicating with Others

  • Building Cognitive Power

  • Nurturing Creativity

  • Developing motor skills

Creating new relationships

 Established in the year 2015 Kreative Starz playgroupAnd Nursery in Mahim is a top player in the category



Want to get more information about our learning center or would like to see it inside, feel free to schedule a tour.
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